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    making new friends

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    Love Is Forever – wonderful children’s book that helps kids deal with losing a loved one 

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    Mollusc Man fights Catheadarmman WIP

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    Federico Infante at Bertrand Delacroix in New York.

    For Thursday, July 24th’s (tonight) Chelsea Art Walk Bertrand Delacroix Gallery in New York will be giving a sneak peek at Federico Infante’s upcoming first U.S. solo show “The Space Between" which will open officially on October 2nd, 2014.  Federico’s paintings are genuinely gorgeous so definitely stop by if you’re in the neighborhood.  Continue below for more of Federico’s paintings!

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    Bear Despair – utterly charming illustrated wordless story about depression and perseverance. 

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    8HOUSE, Image Comics 2014

    new sci-fantasy universe by

    Brandon Graham, Xurxo G. Penalta, Marian Churchland, Hwei Lim, me

    and many more to come!

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